Dr. Pr. Nicolás Tilli

Indeed, it is the discovery of art therapy and meeting Alfredo Olivera, in Argentina (creator of the original radio-based therapy program, Radio La Colifata) in the context of an international research project ECOS-Sud, between UT1C and the National University of Rosario, Argentina, and the work done with Prof. Susana Frutos, which led Nicolas to reflect on the intersection of communication studies, law, psychology, and empowerment of people with mental disorders through emerging alternative care approaches that promote greater "health democracy".


Thus Professor TILLI has chosen to deepen his knowledge on the use of radio and NICTs (less known in France and in Europe than the use of art therapy) with the analysis of the first such dispositif in the world (Radio La Colifata). Based on the study of the latter, he developed a new approach: mediated communication for therapeutic purposes. It is precisely this interdisciplinary interest in this new field of research that motivated Professor TILLI starting a course in Psychology at the University Jean Jaurès Toulouse to acquire the concepts of the discipline.

Nicolas Tilli

Indeed, PRof Tilli works remotely since 2013 with Radio La Colifata in conferences, local representations and participation in workshops. 


Professor tilli was Member of the project "pluriart" (IDEX Grant 2015), real opportunity to advance (in the theory and in the practice) in hi's alternative therapeutic model.

Professor Tilli was the 2019 APPEX laureate (whit funding) of the MSHS-T to conduct international research on mental health on university campuses : https://mental-health-on-campuses.org/en/consortium-presentation/ 



Communications media and Mental Health: mediation, public space, public policy, social innovation & social inclusion


Master 1 in Clinical and Psychoanalytic Psychology

Université Toulouse 2 Jean Jaurès, France.

Audiovisual: genres, content, quality of program and pluralism, studies of reception, & analysis of discourse

Internet and personal data: juridical and technological cross-questioning in the field of communication

Logic of construction of mediatized information and public reception


Doctorate (Ph.D.), La taxation du commerce électronique direct : interpellations juridiques à partir des exemples de l’UE et du Mercosur.

High Honorable Mention with Jury congratulations

Université Toulouse 1 Capitole, France.


Master 2 degree, Droit des medias et de la communication

Université Toulouse 1 Capitole, France.

New Information & Communication Technologies (NICTs), appropriations and usages


Master 2 in Psychoanalytic Clinical Psychopathology

Université Toulouse 2 Jean Jaurès, France.


Master 2 degree in Public Law - Lawyer

Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Licence 1 in Psychology

Université Toulouse 2 Jean Jaurès, France.

Mental Health on university campuses


Master 1 degreeDerecho publico

Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina

1) The use of communication media in the service of mental health invites us to think of the use of communication media (traditional and NICT) as an innovative mediation process (with a clinical component), as an alternative to social inclusion, of occupying public space and different territories, as a means of combating discrimination and stigmatization but also as a vector of communication for social change.

Dr. Nicolás Tilli

Tenured Associate Professor in Communication Sciences. 

Université Toulouse Capitole

Nicolás Tilli (Tenured Associate Professor  in Communication Sciences and Doctor in Public Law) was a member of the IDEX-PLURIART project team – Transversal program – under the direction of Martine Corral-Regourd (IDETCOM), he is the author of several scientific articles, he communicates in international events, takes part in various popularization activities of research, and he is the co-creator of the first radio program, in France, recorded with patients within the Center Hospitalier Gérard Marchant (Toulouse) which is broadcasted on Radio Campus. He also collaborated with a Toulouse GEM supervising live radio broadcasts. He is also at the origin of the dynamic “Communication for social change” and promoter of the project “International Colloquium Toulouse 2020”.


Nicolás Tilli, articulates his research under an interdisciplinary prism (Communication Sciences and Law) around two axes : the first (1) concerns the use of communication media for mental health and the second (2) communication for health.

2) Communication for health involves analysis and reflection around communication strategies (interpersonal, group, organizational), adapted (from a cultural / intercultural point of view) to the subjects and organizations involved (using different means and supports). Said communication strategies (characteristics of communication for social change) are intended to:

– think about the different stages of prevention and those of health promotion,

– influence social representations,

– propose a co-construction of representations which could be favorable to the improvement of health in different territories,

– promote equality and social inclusion, and

– fight discrimination and stigma.

Community Work

logo les hauts parleurs.png

Since 2018, Prof. TILLI and Carole BRAMI (psychologue) and Marc LAZARO  (radio conductor have created an unpublished radio broadcast at the Gerard Marchant Hospital Center (Toulouse).

The radio show is broadcast on Radio Campus FM (94.0 mhz) every Thursday at 13:30h.


The team hopes to help illuminate the nooks and crannies of the institution, to make sure that we listen to what too often invisible or stigmatized people have to say.


The team even makes sure to amplify it and make it public. Benevolence and respect for confidentiality and participants guide us.


Radio is a presidential tool of expression, creation and communication, complementary to mental illness.


For several years, Nicolas TILLI has participated in the European Researchers' Night, a general public event, is a cultural science event that takes place in 320 cities across Europe.


Nicolas Tilli participates in the Student Week.


Since 2006, the Federal University of Toulouse Midi-Pyrénées has been organizing Student Week in the university towns of the Toulouse Academy.


This event aims to promote the integration of students in the territory (campus, interuniversity exchanges, agglomeration) through an inter-establishment event, a path of initiation and friendly discovery through the most unifying themes of student life: exchanges international, scientific culture, community life, arts and culture, sport.

Since 2014, Prof. Tilli collaborates on radio programs in Toulouse with "Microsillon", every Thursday. This participation enabled Prof. Tilli to have a first hand experience in France with this vulnerable population.


Nicolas Tilli regularly participates in the Weeks of Information on Mental Health, a general public event which aims to:


-to make central the issue of mental health in the city,

-to change the way people look at sick people

-to inform on mental health issues.


In 2020 he worked with Les Hauts Parleurs on the campus of the University of Toulouse III - Paul Sabatier.