*COVID-19 information:

-Health professionals can continue to practice in their workplace. You can therefore come to the office to consult.


-Wearing a mask is compulsory and social distancing is respected.


-Thank you for coming without an accompanying person (except in the case of children) and for being punctual (to wait as little as possible in the waiting room).


-Reserve a minimum distance from any other person.


-Wash your hands before and after your consultation (hydroalcoholic gel is also available). Between each consultation, disinfectant spray is passed on the contact surfaces, armchairs and seats. The door handles are also disinfected.


-The confirmation sent by Doctolib attests to your appointment: check box 2 "Travel for consultations, examinations, preventive acts (including vaccination) and care that cannot be provided remotely or for the purchase of health products" on your travel exemption if your appointment is after 6 p.m. (and remote consultation is not possible in your case).