La Régulation des médias audiovisuels. Étude comparative entre l’Union européenne et le Mercosur : l

Project codirected with Prof. Serge Regourd of the bilateral Franco-Argentine project “ECOS-Sud”: Audiovisual comunciation and intercultural cooperation, for the period 2011-2014. The program ECOS-Sud: Financed by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, National Minister of Education, of Advanced Learning and Research, and the Argentine Ministry of Science, Technology, and Productive Innovation.

-Members: Université Toulouse 1 Capitole and Universidad National de Rosario, Argentina.

-Synthesis of the project: The law n° 26552, on audiovisual services, adopted in Argentina the 10th of October of 2009, has opened a new debate on the conditions and processes of democratization of the audiovisual sector. It is pertinent to remark that the Argentine legislation is inspired by the French legislation. Within this context, cultural diversity finds in these legal texts a necessary instrument to lead to its realization in current society. It is precisely this project that has made me discover (since it was necessary to analyze the radiophonic authorizations from the civil society sector…) the Argentine pilot dispositif La Colifata, today the subject of my research project. In this way I met Mr. Alfredo OLIVERA and my interest in pursuing this new field was born.

-Objectives: Contextualize the implementation of cultural policy and their legislative promulgation; Study the data tied to the participation of civil society in the legislative debate; Analyze the contours and effects of cultural diversity; Characterize and compare the development of public policies on audiovisual communication in Argentina and France (with a correlative evaluation of the European Union and the Mercosur, respectively); and Shed light on common and divergent aspects of the French and Argentine audiovisual models.

-My responsibilities: Director of the project, spokesman of the Argentine team, organizer of work meetings, member of the organizing committee of the “Argentine colloquium” (Rosario: 6th and 7th of September 2012) and the “French colloquium” (Toulouse: 3rd and 4th of October 2013), responsible for administration of research binomials, reporter to the Ministry of Advanced Learning and Research.

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