Mental health on university campus

The objectives of this pioneering project are threefold: to create an international consortium (Latin America, the United States and Europe); to promote new and multidisciplinary research (information and communication, law, psychology); and to address an understudied issue in the social and human sciences  ("Mental Health on University Campuses") and the population it affects (students and university staff - administrative and teaching).

This multifaceted, multidimensional and multi-sectoral issue requires a multidisciplinary approach to understand its complexity. Thus, this project proposes an efficient and culturally adapted response, based on interdisciplinary and intersectoral management.

The research will be supported by work carried out on university campuses in Toulouse, in collaboration with local agencies (SIMPPS, CHGM, ...) and on the campuses of the partner universities to respond to very current economic, societal and cultural questions related to mental health in universities, which is recognized as a priority by public and international experts.